Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ron and Aiden's 1948 Tappan Deluxe Stove

This afternoon I received an email from Ron and Aiden regarding their 1948 Tappan Deluxe Model AV667-12 named "Mighty Whitey".

Their Deluxe stove has the red burner knob backs (I love that the Kitchenaid mixer matches), a pair of the Tappan Chef salt and pepper shakers (which match their burner covers), the Time Control Clock has a chrome center knob (which I haven't seen before) and their back splash light has a pull chain.

They also have a great story.....
 We encountered this on a CraigsList ad in St. Louis. It was a one-owner: a war bride who had a veteran husband, a G.I. loan bungalow and this as the stove she learned to cook on. We grabbed it for thirty bucks, hooked it up and it works flawlessly, even to the Telechron clock and the set-it-and-forget-it timer mechanism, used almost daily for the oven or for the "clock" plug - such as for the slowcooker.
 Attached are pictures of the beast. It IS a CP model. The only "addition" we've made was to locate the burner covers, which apparently came with the stove but disappeared many years ago - we located a perfectly pristine set on e-bay.
 This thing is built like an aircraft carrier and NEVER lets us down. It came with THREE oven racks, so batches of cookies in perfect condition come out every time! And the owner's manual is entirely right: the oven is so heavily insulated, we often have the clock (or manually) turn off the oven and let the residual heat finish baking for us.
 When we bought the house, it had a two-year-old "cooktop" electric stove, which Ron (who cooks constantly) hated, so we disconnected it, gave it to Aiden's mother for Christmas (she's scared of gas) and hooked up the Tappan. It LITERALLY cut our energy bills by a full one-third.
 Just thought we'd chime in!
Thanks for sharing both the pictures and the story!


  1. Hi,
    I have a Tappen Deluxe model no. TV-6219 and am trying to restore it. It works perfectly fine but I am in need of several parts and am wondering if any of you guys have websites that you use to shop for parts. I need the burner covers and a few other things.

  2. Looking for any info on a Tappan stove model BGVD-57. It has horizontal vents on each side of the back-splash, a pull-chain light with clock. Oven is chrome with a window. It does not say Deluxe, only Tappan. It does have a timer on one side of the clock and cooking directions for different meals on the other side of the clock. The burner grates are 2 large rectangle ones instead of 4 square ones. I have searched all over and can't find a picture of this stove anywhere. I am picking this stove up this evening so can take a pic then.

  3. Anonymous - See the link on the left side of the blog for parts.

    Dionne - Do you have photos you can email to me? I can try to compare your stove to the advertising manuals I have.....

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for the inspirational pics. I just got home from cleaning out my late grandmothers house. I was hesitant in taking her Tappan stove because of lack of room in my garage. Well I'm glad I decided to take it. I was doing research and came across your site. I am now inspired to restore it to its glory.

    -Thanks again

  5. Anonymous - I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but what a great way to remember your grandmother. The stove must have meant something to her or she would have replaced it long ago. Now you have something she probably used almost every day to remember her by :)

  6. We just bought a fixer up house and it the house was a Philgas Tappen Model# 1746 Serial # 176-373. I am thinking the year is around 1952-1954?
    Can someone help me with information on this stove?

  7. The early Tapan Philgas model numbers tell the age. A 1746 would have been a high end model from 1946. If you have photos you can email, I might be able to tell you more.

  8. I am looking at purchasing a Tappan Deluxe at an antique mall that looks to be identical to Ron and Aidan's minus the burner covers (not sure if the knobs have red on them). It is in excellent (looking) condition except the liners under the burners need to be re-chromed. It might only have two of the racks. What does "CP" stand for? If I get it I was thinking of naming her Lucy. Thanks. elainey cabaney

  9. I have my grandmother's Tappen Deluxe. It has worked since the 50s. Recently the gas company discovered two small gas leaks. One in the left front burner and the other in the oven. I didn't smell any gas. The man from the gas company told me to get a new stove because this one is so old. I would rather have this one repaired. However, I have no idea how to find someone who is familiar with working with old stoves. Can anyone help me find someone in the Philadelphia area?

  10. Hi there, I have a mystery stove. I've looked all over the web and can only find 1 similar. The knobs and the oven handles are the same shape as the stove on this post and I'm wondering if it might be a Tappan. It has a crest on the front left door for Montgomery Ward, but I know they didn't actually make stoves just resold them under their name. I have a query up on the gardenweb website where a pic is posted.
    Anybody recognize this stove as being a Tappan made model? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

  11. WhoooHooo!!! I just found the info I needed! Thanks! I just got this very model at a farm sale for 5 bucks! BRAND NEW> literally. The husband had bought is as an 'additional' stove for his wife to can on. They NEVER hooked it up. Everything is complete..even still has the little glass squares for the center of the burners. Now to make sure it works... Thank you for being here!

  12. Just got a 1948 tappan deluxe last night in near mint condition. There is no rust no dents and no dings and it works perfectly. However it is missing a few things like the burner covers and the racks for the side area anyone know where I can purchase parts for it ?

    1. I've been restoring my grandmothers. I have found a couple things on ebay but just wound up buying a pretty pristine Tappan off ebay to "part out". It was cheaper than piece by piece in my opinion.

    2. I've been restoring my grandmothers. I have found a couple things on ebay but just wound up buying a pretty pristine Tappan off ebay to "part out". It was cheaper than piece by piece in my opinion.

    3. I've been restoring my grandmothers. I have found a couple things on ebay but just wound up buying a pretty pristine Tappan off ebay to "part out". It was cheaper than piece by piece in my opinion.


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