Friday, January 29, 2010

Tina's Tappan Deluxe Stove

I have been really enjoying receiving emails with pictures of blog reader's stoves.  A couple of days ago, I received this email from Tina about her Tappan Deluxe (model #AV 669-24 serial # 415105)
It was in my husband's grandmothers house and although some relatives were ready to throw the thing away because it was so filthy, an uncle lifted the door knob and the side door popped open seamlessly.

Grandma wasn't a cook so for all those years it really hadn't been used much. It just needed a thorough cleaning. We've been using it since 1993.

It's now beginning to fail. The oven is burning everything and we suspect it's the thermostat. It cooks everything as if we have set the oven to 500 degrees. We've muddled through all the other issues - like the electrical system shorting out. The clock was buzzing constantly. The oven light popped and went out. However, we can't use the oven if we need to control the heat by leaving the door open! Sigh.

Been thinking about getting it restored but am terrified of the potential cost. On the plus side - replacing it with a stove of the same size might cost the same. It might be a no-brainer. We love this stove and it's had only 2 owners. Grandma and us!

The control panel at the top includes a scrolling menu of cooking times. It struck me as rather funny the first time I saw it. Grandma also left the air freshener canisters that are included in the top of the control panel. Those were a bit nasty looking. The stove has been wonderful these past 17 years and is now in need of some TLC.

It took me a second after reading her email to realize....she had an air freshener on her stove! I had read about these....I had seen a really crappy picture of one when I first became interested in Tappans.....but had not seen one again and NEVER in detail close-up. They are VERY rare. Tina was kind enough to send photos to share (click on photo to enlarge). She has them arrange from left to right to show the entire air freshener unit removed, the inside "freshener" and then the unit in its little compartment above the clock on the back splash. Cool (and notice her blue & yellow Tappan salt & pepper shakers).

Tina also added the following info. in her email that may be helpful to others. Keep in mind, you use suggestions/info. here at your own risk. Shut off your gas! When In doubt, call in a pro.
I don't know if this is useful but a few years ago, the oven kept going out. What we discovered is that the thermo-coupler was having trouble. [We] live in a dusty neighborhood and the gas delivery line was getting clogged. We took it apart, blew it out with canned air and put it back. Running like a champ since.
The photo below shows the pilot light gas line inside the oven where it sits next to the thermocouple (keep in mind that this is a CP stove)


  1. Wow...I had read of these air freashers in an ad pertaining to Tappan which I'm sure was date specific. I remember being confused about where it was used...and now I know. I've never seen this and will look to see now what ad I had noticed this in....On another note I love the interior photo! Like a loft in NYC! I hope Tina realizes, via your blog, that there are alternatives for her thermostat repair & Grandma's stove is worth it!!!!

  2. Thanks Joe, the interior doesn't look like that anymore. It's a former tavern in Chicago turned apt., but I miss the nasty brick wall.
    I'm wondering- 3 of us here seem to have the same or nearly the same stove.
    My mother-in-law can't remember if it was 1950, 1951 or 1952. Since her mother wasn't a cook, she got to do all the cooking on it and when she married and moved out, the stove was used until Grandma didn't want to cook anymore at all or couldn't get the burners to light because it...well became quite a mess from overboiled foodstuff.

    I have the 'useless' but cool idea, air freshener, but my crisper drawers are green thin porcelain [maybe] they're not chrome. However, the oven interior is chrome. I'm definitely missing the burner covers and my drip pans are a big mess. [pitted with holes that appeared during the re-chroming process from the rust]

    I'm actually thinking of buying a whole new stove to replace this one so that I can work on it without skipping a meal. I got a call yesterday with a general quote on restoration and it was about $5500-6500 without shipping and at least 4-6 months, gives one pause.

    1. Hi Tina,

      I am originally from Guatemala, and my Grandma got her Tappan stove back on 1951. She gave it to my Mom, and I have memories backing my first cake ever (when I was just 13 years old) in this stove.

      I was supposed to inherit it, but got married to my husban (who is American), and moved to the States (no dreams to have that stove here :( ).

      My Dad has been working on the restorage of this wonderful stove, and he is almost done! He is just missing the Time Control Clock (which I am desperately trying to find!).

      I just wanted to drop you a line to say I share the Love for this stove, and I wish you had the opportunity to restore it!


    2. Hi Alice,

      We're still loving our stove but debating selling it whole or in parts. We're moving sometime and can't see renting this place to a tenant who will not love it enough to clean it properly. Plus a 40" stove is not an easy replacement.

      I haven't fully restored it - just like thinking about it but it does seem to be a tremendous and arduous process. We've used it over 20 years now and I managed to get new drip pans, burner covers, and a new thermostat. Now the back burner valve is getting tight and the bottom oven door is not straight! Oy! More work...but it is just so hard to let go of it. We have another small SMALL cottage with a new whirlpool glass cook top and an electric wall oven. Love the oven, not sure about the black glass cooktop that shows all dust, dirt, streaks, etc. Oh why can't I just take this Tappan with?
      This stove is in it for the long haul of time - must control the rust though.

      Anyway, I drop a line back and hope that when you visit your Dad, you bake another cake.
      All the best back at ya!

    3. I just bought this identical stove (at a flea market!). I absolutely love it and have been looking for the owners manual. It's a series 669. I've searched eBay but can't find it. Any ideas of where I can find it?

  3. Tina...Stuccohouse has info on calibrating the thermostat which you should look at first & even if that doesn't work, rebuilding the thermostat is no where even near what you were quoted...also there is the parts link she has...some people end up buying a parts stove for under $300.00.......

  4. Before I forget, I'm going to post the two links I have for thermostat rebuilding:

    Here are two places online that recondition/rebuild/sell new thermostats. Both seem to be pretty well thought of, but have different views on some topics (e.g. burner valve cream)....

    Antique Gas Stoves (This guy's site is really helpful)

    The Old Appliance Club (This place was one of the original places to bring restoration DIY - I'll be ordering my insulation from them when I get around to putting new stuff in my stove - I promise to post photos of my stoves current condition when I get a chance that show the insulation).

    1. Hi there,

      My Dad is restoring my Mom's Deluxe Tappan (which she inherited from her Mom-in-Law), and he is missing the telechron clock.

      Do you know any place where i could find it?


      Alice (in Central Virginia)

  5. For what its worth, the people at The Old Appliance Club walked me through restoring my burner valves. (Tappan Model 62) They are very helpful, and if you send them pictures of your stove valve and thermostat, they will quote you a price to rebuild them.
    Good luck!
    Joe B. (also in chicago)

  6. Joe B. - Thanks for posting back with your experience!

  7. Hi Joe M., the price quoted was for the entire stove, not just the thermostat, but I will look into getting that rebuilt. It looks like it will not be like a $50 dollar part.
    I've checked some other folks who are selling this or a similar oven but none of them know whether their thermostats are working and don't seem interested in finding out. I think everyone can testify that this process of fixing is not a short term prospect. Currently I just set the oven to warm and most things are baking fine! Just have to wait until summer when the oven goes dark! Cheers.

  8. hello, i just purchase my first tappan deluxe stove and i LOVE it!!! however the handles are cracked up and id like to replace them. If any of you have a site that i could purchase these on that would be wonderful!
    thank you very much
    kathleen :)

  9. k@t - Congrats on the new (to you) Tappan Deluxe. Have you emailed the parts link on the left side of my blog?

  10. Hi all - I just purchased my dream Deluxe (pictures later) which is a "CP" model. As I haven't a clue as to what that means, I'd really enjoy hearing from anyone who can let me know. I recently purchased a Tappan Deluxe '50s era owner's manual on eBay which hasn't yet arrived and which may help, but all the same I'm excited *now* & wonder if someone would be kind enough to post a quick response. (We've owned several ((well...two))antique stoves, but this will be the first I'm responsible for restoring. Yikes!) - Sara Tinkelman, Rochester, NY

  11. Sara - Congratulations on the new, old Tappan! CP basically means that your oven has a standing pilot. Non-CP stoves are lit each time they are used. CP stands for "Certified Performance" and it was in industry designation given to stoves that met 22 separate standards. Your Owners Manual will give you specific instructions for lighting your CP stove for the first time :)

  12. Greetings again, all - my Deluxe model turns out to be an AV 667 9E. I think it is most similar to Ron and Aiden's except that it seems never to have had a pull chain for the stove-top light. Nor does it have a chrome toe-kick. So far I haven't seen any model *exactly* like mine. Lord, there must have been dozens! If it helps dating the thing it also has the three crisper drawers on the left (although it lacks the cool "Crisper" lettering), and in the right compartment there are the towel racks and the pull out utensil drawer. It has the glo-red discs behind the white knobs. The knobs and the oven & broiler handles are white with chrome(?)center grips. It has - sob! - no pyrogrates. Does that help date it? Would it be cheating if I used them anyway (providing I find any - no luck so far)? I'm in charge of restoring the appearance (the bowels I'm leaving to the pros)of the stove and here's my first question: Is it possible to remove the chrome (?) clock/timer/logo that sits on the back splash over the light? I've been unable to see how. It is very, *very* pitted and I'd like to see the surface smooth and shiny again. (Does it sound like I'm in over my head?) - SARA T., Rochester, NY

  13. Where can I get drip pans 9.25 x 10.25! :) I jsut bought a Tappan, early 50;s I think. Took it appart, cleaned put back together, works!!!! need some pans though..

  14. We had our 1950's Tappan Delux gas stove/oven(used to belong to my husband's grandmother's) completely restored approximately 6 years ago. We shipped the entire thing several states away, it was extremely expensive.
    I have two problems:
    1) The latch for the oven door was very snug & in order to looses it, I used a screwdriver to open what appeared to be springs within the the wall of the stove. It worked for a while, but the weight of the door has made it so the latch no longer works. I have to use duct tape to hold the door in place when not in use - I have to remove the tape & use a chair to hold the door shut when using the oven.
    2) I understand that these oven doors were meant to be removed for cleaning however, the oven door will fall off completely if not supported by one of the above ways.

    Any help or advice is appreciated - I love my stove & have cooked an average of 2 meals a day for 20+ years.-Sue S., Maryland

  15. Sara - I have been recently told by readers that the face plate can be very gently pried off. I have not done this myself, nor seen do at your own risk.

    John - Very cool.

    Sue S. - Not all of the doors were meant to be removed for cleaning. It was a feature on some later Deluxe models. I am linking to an older post that provides instructions on tightening the door spring. I'm not sure these same instructions apply to the removable doors.

  16. I have a Tappan Deluxe, approx. 1950. I have trouble turning the knobs to light the burners. Ive taken it apart in the past but it only gets better when the stove gets hot. Most likely softening the grease that is probably inside. Is there an easy method of getting all the grime out of there. I remember as a kid working in a restaurant, the cooks would light them on fire in the parking lot till the grease was burnt out. Not sure if thats the smartest thing to do. Thanks for any advice.

  17. I bought a wonderful 1950's Tappan Deluxe on craigslist for $100.00 It's in such great shape, too. Am waiting for a regulator and thermocoupling to be delivered, as it's set up for propane & we're converting it to gas. Can't wait to get cookin' on it. Had a half-arch removed & a wall extended, just so the stove sits pretty in it's space. Then ordered Talavera tiles from Mexico & had a pretty design (my own) behind stove & to left of stove. Found a totally awesome commercial Vent-a-hood ( which retails for $1,968.00) at Habitat for Humanity Re Store for $128.00 & it works perfectly. Doing whole kitchen with finds from Habitat, craigslist, thrift shops etc. Got all my kitchen cabinets for free from a contractor who was doing an upgrade.... will post pics. of my "kitchen on a shoestring budget" when it's completed.

  18. Greetings, so glad this blog is here, got a 1948 (I think) Tappan Deluxe no clock, no timer, no menu, and not hooked up yet. We power washed it as it had been in storage since the early sixties, in a basement, where it was used primarily for its broiling feature in summer months we were told. 2 burner knobs are broken, and the oven and broiler handles missing, the Left side compartment crisper boxes are missing, and the range burner covers also missing. If anyone has ideas where these could be located, or other substitutes found, would be glad to know!
    Gd Willing, we get the gas hook up on Monday!
    How do I post a photo?

  19. Hello -- I am thinking of buying a Tappan Deluxe AV 669-17. It is clean on the outside but has rust in the oven. The guy selling it says that the venting used to go with a chimney and I would need to put hardy backer on the wall behind the stove so the wall doesn't catch fire! Any thoughts?


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