Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mike's Mid-Century Kitchen

Mike wrote to me asking if I might have any information on where he could find an Owner's Manual or model # information for his 1959 stainless steel Tappan wall oven and cook top.

It *may* be an EOV series.

I'm just starting to learn about the mid-century Tappan models, so I wasn't much help. But, I'd told him that I'd post pictures of his stove in the hopes that a reader may be able to provide some info. or leads

As with most vintage items, the 1950-60 stoves seems to have magically moved from the "That's an old stove we need to replace" phase to the "Wow, that's a mid-century stove that would be perfect in our mid-century house" mode.

 Although, I have to admit that I don't think there is any way that Mike's stainless steel wall oven and cooktop were *ever* out of style. Look at the control panel on the oven....does it get any better?!

The bottom photo is of a stainless steel Revco refrigerator/freezer that are also built in the kitchen (catch that woodwork too!)

Any info. for Mike?

Thanks Mike, for sharing your pictures.


  1. wow!Not only is that nice to look at, but I can't believe something that "old" still works. They *really* don't make things the way they used to. It's true.

  2. I would die for that kitchen. We have a 1956 Thermador cooktop that we've paired with a restored 1954 GE refrigerator. Now we're looking for just the right vintage wall oven. But wow. That dual cooktop, totally atomic wall oven, and shiny wall fridges. AND all that wonderful wood cupboard work. I wouldn't be able to make it through your kitchen without seriously swooning.

  3. I have a similar, EOV-410, incl manual, but with white handle/knobs and a honeycomb pattern on the glass. It has one in the manual that looks like your picture; Series 610. It sitll works but I just recently replaced it with a modern oven. It's manufacture ytear was 1959.

  4. d& - Thanks again for the info! For those with midcentury stoves, also check out the info. included in the post and comments under the title "1950's Ranch Kitchen"

  5. My clock and timer just went out. Any out there? Thanks Mike

  6. where can you get part need one ?


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