Monday, January 18, 2010

Joe B's Tappan Deluxe Stove

This is Joe B's stove in Chicago. He just rediscovered this Tappan Deluxe in a former tenant's apartment. The Model # is STV 62-1. This stove is very similar to mine except that it has chrome oven/broiler handles, as well as chrome burner knob backs. The chrome burner backs seems to be on the rare side; I don't see them very often.

You can spot the original white burner covers stored in the side storage doors.  This is an earlier Tappan Deluxe so it is a non-CP model. you can also spot the chain hanging down from the back splash to turn on the light (later models have a switch). This stove has a Telechron clock (you can tell by the two white knobs).  The Robert Shaw thermostat knob is a little unusual - I'm still trying to learn about those, so I can comment too much other than to make note.

Joe is currently working on getting the burners and burner knobs back in working order. The last shot is particularly interesting because it shows the burner knob taken apart (note the spring).

Oh, a get a look at that oh-so-cool ceramic hex floor tile!

Thanks Joe B - keep us posted on the burners.

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