Thursday, January 7, 2010

More of Chaz's Tappan Stove

Chaz sent on some additional pictures of his pre-Deluxe Tappan stove for our enjoyment. We figure this stove was just pre-Deluxe. You can already see the Deluxe design. You can read more directly from Chaz on his blog.

According to the vintage sales material I have, the handles on this stove's burners and storage compartments were just changing over to the Deluxe style around 1940.

I particularly like the back splash on this stove with the "opal glass floodlight" (as the sales brochure calls it). The metal sign showing how to turn the burner knobs is charming. I also like the written instructing how how to light the oven pilot. I think the white switch above the thermostat knob on the main control panel is a "peek switch" to turn on the oven light.

At first we thought this was a Tappan-Philgas stove, but the more I look at the photos, I think it was a Tappan stove propane that was made at about the same time as they were making gas stoves for Philgas.  It doesn't have the typical "Philgas" badges, the model number doesn't seem to follow the Philgas-Tappan system (which would make this a 1943 stove), and the badge on the back splash says "Tappan" alone. Chaz, what do you think? Possible?

Again, thanks for sharing!


  1. The switch on te manifold is the "peek switch"-it was disabled because the end came off the bar that lets the oven light come on when the door is opened. It took a little while to figure that one out!

    I think it's entirely plausable that it's a regular old Tappan and not Philgas-one of the old timers in town told me that the one hardware store had a deal where you could get the stove and water heater and they took the old away and let you pay for the new on installments, or discounted it on cash.

    She did a lot of modernising around 1933-5, when the house was moved in from the creek, and this was one of them, I think.

    If anyone wants more pictures tell me and I'll try and get them when I get home.

    Thanks for all the help!


  2. Funny, my own on light bar also broke. Although, on my stove the "peek switch" is actually a turn knob on the main panel. It took me a while to figure that out too.

    Very cool you can get info. from old timers. Do you think your house was outside city utilities at that time?

    That timeframe seems to fit. The knobs you have are still shown in some of the general photos in my 1940 sales manual. But I looked through a 1941 sales manual and don't see them in any of the illustrations.

    I will post as many photos as you want to share :) If you have pics of your water heater, I'll put those over on StuccoHouse.


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