Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chaz's Early Tappan Stove

Another reader has volunteered to let us see his stove. Chaz has a 1934 Tappan (pre-Deluxe). You can definitely see the Deluxe model starting to emerge. The metal plate on the top of the left storage compartment makes me think this stove is a Philgas-Tappan stove. The right burner shows one of the early burner covers. It looks as if the little box in the center of the back splash is an "opal glass" floodlight (?)

Chaz's stove looks a lot like Model 640 from my 1940's Philgas Sales Manual (could it be a model 634?). The turn handles on the side compartments must have been changed to "trigger touch" lift release knobs about 1940...because there are also photos in the same Sales Manual that show the turn handles.

Chaz - thanks for the photo.


  1. You'll love this! I bet you are right about this range being a Philgas deal, because she had a Ruud Water heater put in somewhere about the same time-chrome hood ornament, art deco legs and all! It's still in the basement!

    This cook stove burned Skelgas untill the NG people converted it. There's a set of jets in the kitchen drawer that have a smaller hole that I think are the old propane jets for this beast. My backsplash has the opal lamp in the centre, but no timmer or clock. The oven ventalator is an oblong hole between the centre work surface and the the backsplash.

    More pictures as I get them.



  2. Thanks for the update! That's very interesting about the Ruud water heater (would LOVE to see pictures of it - is it still in use?). There is a page somewhere in the sales brochures that said they often sold appliances to folks that were outside city gas services. So, it totally makes sense your stove was originally set up for Skelgas.

    The stove should also have a sign on it somewhere indicating it was made by Tappan for Philgas. That metal plate on the left manifold, or maybe on the main control panel in the right storage compartment...or on the back of the stove. There may also be a model # listed in the same place.

    Would love to see/post more photos....even of the old propane jets. Fun to get some of this stuff documented.

    (for other readers - the Philgas-Tappn Sales Manual I have also includes Ruud water heaters and I posted a few pages over on my Stuccohouse blog).


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