Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Working the Clock

The Tappan Deluxe has two different versions of clocks.

The first is the Telechron Clock, generally found on non-CP stoves.  It functions as a clock and has a timer that buzzes. Pretty simple.

There appears to be a few different versions of this clock. Mine has large red numbers on a face plate (and does not say "telechron" on it), but I have seen older stoves with smaller numbers with intervals for timing. If anyone has more info. on this, I'd be interested in hearing it.

The second style is the Time Control Clock.  This is the clock style found on CP stoves. It has three knobs on the right side (black, red and metallic or white).  It functions as a clock, but it also works as a timer to turn the oven on and off. Tappan advertised that you could set this clock with your full meal int he oven and then leave the house. I don't think I'd be brave enough to try that, but a handy feature nonetheless.

P.S. I realized that I had the blog comments accidentally set so you had to register in order to comment. Oops. That has been fixed. If you tried to comment before and it was a huge hassle, I apologize.


  1. Any ideas on how to fix a non-working Automatic Clock? If I set the start time and rotate the hands through the hours to the start time, the oven lits. Then if I rotate the clock to the finish time the oven shuts off, so that works. The clock makes no noise and hands never move.

  2. Rudiedog - Look at my Jan 1, 2009 post on restoring the clock. That info. is for a Telechrom clock (not the Timer Clock that you are describing), but I think the info. applicable to the clock itself may apply (especially because it sounds like the timer mechanism on yours works). If you are on Twitter, that post also give the name of a clock repair expert there..that may be able to point you in the right direction(although I think he specializes in Telechron clocks). Report back, if any of this helps :)

  3. I got curious so I took me roll top apart and the clock is a Telechron. So I took out the rotor and am in the process of heating it and appling oil now. Hope it works.
    The Automatic part is a set of gears and cogs in front of the Telechron rotor, so there isn't much to remove to get at the rotor. 3 screws, a little finesse, an your golden.

  4. Rudidog - Any chance of talking you into taking some photos of how the clock & timer are connected..or anything behind the scenes on the clock? :) I know that there is some interest in how the clock innards work, so I occasionally receive emails (and they resulted in these two clock posts). I have the Telechron clock (no oven timer), so the best I can do is guess on those questions.

  5. I have it working again. I followed the instructions on the video, and read his website, you have to heat and cool about 10 times. I cooled my with the oil on the gear in the frige. I also heated the Telechron rotor oven the burner sloooowly. The rotor just slips right out after you remove the 3 screws that hold in the mechanism. Not a hard job, I do have some pics. Mostly before, I'll send then in. Now I can have my breakfast cooking when I get up in the morning!!

    1. Hi. What clock video are you mentioning? Is it accessible on the net? Thanks

    2. Here is the link to the post that includes the video:

  6. Perfect! I'm glad it worked for you. And thanks for reporting back that it worked on a timer clock. Will look forward to pics :)


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