Friday, December 11, 2009

High Heat

As I've been working on restoring my stove, I've amassed quite a collection of paints and sprays.

I've used Rustoleum High Heat paints in black to repaint parts that were originally painted (not porcelained) and are exposed to heat, but not direct flame (e.g. brackets, screws). I've been removing the light rust with steel wool & painting. I'm hoping to prevent further rust, as well as, and make them look good.

I've found Liquid Wrench to be the solution to locked bolts and screws. I was also able to get the little wheels on my new pull out cutlery drawer to roll freely again using Liquid Wrench.

Finally, I've used Rustoleum Appliance Paint in the inside panel of the side storage doors. Mine were in quite bad condition, so I removed the chipped porcelain and rust and then painted them. I was very worried about doing this, but they turned out well.

I've spent the summer painting pieces on wax paper out on my front lawn and sidewalk. I'm sure my neighbors are wondering what I'm up to....

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  1. I have a question about High Heat Paint. My Tappan Deluxe is blue inside except for the chrome oven. Like a dark blue and I was hoping to find high heat paint to match it. Is there anything like that out there? I have been searching on the internet but found a light blue.
    Thank you


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