Friday, December 4, 2009

Watch it Happen in a ...Tappan.

In 1950, Tappan introduced the Deluxe Model AV 669. This model was "CP", so it had a standing pilot light in the oven.  In reading the ad, we learn that this was the first model that contained the Crisp-Chest in the left hand storage area.....a nice clue when trying to figure out the date of your stove. This model also has the medallion insert on a chrome oven/broiler handle. It also appears to have a chrome interior oven.

Thanks to blog reader Joe M for providing the ad....and tips on model year.


  1. have a piece of glass 4.5x5 with rounded corners. in the center it says tappan and in the lower left corner is the word vycor where does this go?

  2. Eddie52n - What you are lucky enough to have is a pyroglas burner plate. This plate fits into a gap on the top of the metal burner grate. Check the burner grates on your stove and see if there is one that has shorter "prongs".....the glass piece should fit in there. They were used to keep smaller pots from tipping & to spread the flame more evenly. They were originally made by Pyrex, so it's interesting that yours says Vycor (not sure if thats the name of the glass or the manufacturer).

    If you take a look at the last post I put up (Love It and Leave it) can see a pyroglas on the back left burner.

    I have some more photos that I will post shortly. Many of these were lost over the years, probably because people couldn't figure out what they were. Many of us have the burner grates with missing glass inserts - me included :) Let me know if this makes sense.

  3. We've replaced the original grates and this would not fit in the ones we now have. If you are interested in the burner plate, make me an offer.
    Thanks for the information. I enjoy reading the posts here as it's very interesting.

  4. eddie52n - I'm interested. Why don't you email me at "TappanTalk at aol d0t com"? I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog!

    1. please tell me what type of paint you used for the inside of the storage drawers thank you oh and do you know if they are enamel

    2. Rustoleum makes an appliance epoxy paint that can be used in non heat areas.

  5. I'm searching for these vycor glass plates! sadly I recently broke one on my stove that I've used almost daily since I purchased it 2nd hand about 25 years ago. If anyone can point me in the direction as to where to find some I would be extremely grateful!


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