Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Katy's Tappan Deluxe Stove

I have another set of blog reader's photos to share today. This time photos are of Katy's Tappan Deluxe stove.  She currently has it installed and in use in her kitchen - check out Thanksgiving dinner.  We "met" when she emailed me about her stove's oven pilot light (she's also the one who supplied me with the parts I was missing for my stove).

The stove is an AV 669-16 model, similar to Joe's stove in yesterdays post. After a long search, Katy managed to track down vintage red glass burner knob backs to replace those missing on her stove. A few of the pictures below show the burner lights on...with the red glass glowing.

There is a very nice close-up of her Time Control Clock. You can see the three knobs - one of which controls the timer that can be set to turn the oven on and off automatically.

Her stove is also a CP model. It has the gold package medallion on chrome oven and broiler handles....and the chrome base. Her back splash light turns on with a switch. She also has the chrome crisper drawers on the left side storage and the pull out drawer/towel rack on the right side storage.

Again, thanks for share your photos!


  1. BOY! Katy's Deluxe makes Joe's look like it's straight off of CraigsList!! I'm jealous & have to get mine hooked-up SOON!

  2. Joe - I have to agree her stove does look pretty cute installed. But, I am very impressed by the baseball stadium backdrop for your stove :) I'll be anxious to see your stove once you get it installed.

  3. My pretty baby... I agree, I also loved Joe's background!

  4. we just purchased a home built in 1956 and we have one of these in the basement. the previous owners believe that it is in working condition, fair cosmetic condition. we have not tried to use it and we're looking to sell it. we live in the buffalo, ny area. anyone interested? email me at

  5. Katy,
    Lovely stoves. Was hoping you or someone else on the list might be able to help me. We are waiting to hear if our offer will be accepted on an old home in the country. As such, if all goes well, we will be needing a new stove there. The problem is that the house is plumbed for propane. Can these stoves be plumbed for propane? Cost? Ease? Does anyone know? Found one of these stoves for sale locally for $100 and appears to be in pretty good shape. Owner indicates that it needs to have a match to light the burners. Any idea why they aren't lighting? Also says a knob is cracked. However, they have been using the stove for the past 5 years. Any thoughts on what I might look for? Good price? THANKS for any help you folks can offer. - Charlene

  6. Charlene - I posted a response to most of your questions Here

    Replacement knobs can be found both new (reproduction) and vintage. I'd be happy to help you hunt down one, just post back with info. on exactly what you are looking for...or send me a photo of the cracked knob to: stuccohouse @ aol dot com (replace "dot" with actual .)

  7. Can anyone tell me where the broiler setting is on the Tappan Deluxe? I have the oven knob in the right door but nothing on it says anything about broil. I have a pedal that pushes the broiler drawer out but cannot figure out how to start the broiler.

  8. Anonymous - I'll add the instructions for using the broiler in my next post.


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