Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In Need Of a Good Home

In the Twin Cities?

Looking for a vintage Tappan at a very good price?

This stove is currently being offered for free on Craigslist. He says he even has the original manual.

The owner says if he doesn't find a taker soon, the stove is going to the dump.

It looks like maybe a Series 70 (the model after Deluxe)

You know you want it. Give him a call.

(UPDATE: I exchanged emails with the owner today. If you are seriously interested, mention TappanTalk and he'll hold the stove for an appointment)

(UPDATE: No takers came forward. Stove ended up at an appliance recycling place. I'm a little sad about this.)


  1. SH - this is entirely too sad that this great stove didn't find a home. I would have just kept it indefinitely til it found a home.

    Hey, I also wanted to send you this craigslist ad...a couple of interesting things to note in the pictures. This stove has the less often seen "amber" colored burner rings, and also a Pres Toe broiler opener! The Pres Toe thing must have been a very short lived item. Does your stove have it? Mine doesn't and it is the AV-669... this person says theirs is an AV-668.

    Take a look:

    TappanTrailerTami - not logged in!

  2. Yea. I know I was sad.

    Very interesting ad. thanks for pointing it out. I added the info. to the Model Chart (link on left). I have not seen photos of the amber rings. I do have some pics of the Toe-pres...and will do a post of those one of these days. Very fun feature. Mine does not have it.

    The ebay seller calls it a "Super 60" and that doesn't seem right based on pictures I have of documented "Super 60's" (again, watch for a future post) that has me a little curious. Also, noticed that on this stove and AV-669's that the "Tappan" and "Deluxe" inserts on the backsplash have a "gold package." (mine are white & red).

    Ha, the AV-669 is the hot stove! Does you stove match the photos of Katy & Joe's stoves? Let me know if you have pictures you would like to share :)


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