Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Warning Label

When I posted photos of Colby's pre-Tappan Deluxe stove, I noticed what looked like a little metal plate on the right side of the oven door and asked about it.

Colby sent me a close up picture of what turned out to be a metallic, bilingual warning sticker that says " pilot in the oven."  We assume it is not original to the stove (although some stoves do have a warning on the metal control plate in the right storage area).

Has anyone seen a sticker like this before?  We had the idea that it might have been added by a previous owner when the house was sold.....or when the stove was worked on/restored....or by the gas company.


  1. I bet you're right: it probably was added by gas company, or even a municipal code requirement. Especially if it came out of a rental house. Landlord would definitely want their tenants to know if you had to light it manually :)

  2. After I moved into my grandparents' home in the late 80s, the gas company stuck one of these on Nana's late 30s Tappan. Ours looks a lot like the one in -- it was pics of that which led me to this blog :-).


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