Monday, January 25, 2010

Colby's Pre-Deluxe Tappan Stove

Colby emailed me photos of his stove and asked if I was able to tell him how old his Tappan stove is.  The stove was purchased with his 1930's bungalow and has the model # W-55.

The stove is obviously pre-Tappan Deluxe...but has essentially the same body as the Deluxe (it's 38" wide). Whenever I see pictures of these earlier stoves, I pull out the Sales Manuals I have for 1940 and 1941 Tappan Philgas stoves. Sure enough, I was able to find an almost identical stove in the 1941 Ads.  Colby's stove is not a Philgas, but it narrows down the year of his stove to the early 1940's.

One item, Colby's stove has that the Philgas (model # 541) stove does not have is a timer on the back splash. Tappan also made a Philgas model #741 that included a back splash timer, but had a window in the oven door that Colby's does not.

The Philgas Tappan model 541 sold for $118.50 in 1941.

Colby, what do you think? Make sense? Also, I'm curious...what does that patch on the oven door say?


  1. Thanks for posting the info with this picture ours is just like this but with a window in the oven and some awesome porceline one piece range covers if I ever see a place to email you I will send a couple of pictures

  2. Can u tell me how to light the oven? I just FINALLY found the fucking oven knob thanks to u guys! ;b


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