Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amy's Mid-Century Modern Stove

Amy emailed me a few weeks ago to see if I had any information about her stove as she was planning on selling it.  She was able to find the model number under the right burners - DCV-5776 13 with the serial # K08 1418.

Her house was built in 1948 and the stove was included when she bought it. She described the stove as a gas, four burner stove, white, 36 inches wide. The oven in on the right, with a broiler underneath. On the left is a storage area. There's a large clock on the top front.

I haven't been able to discover too much yet about the Tappan models that followed the Deluxe, but in looking at the back splash and clock, we came to the conclusion that this stove was most likely late 1950's.

My favorite feature of the entire stove is the back splash....especially the clock.

(Amy just sent me an update - she was able to sell her stove to a theater group that is going to use it in one of their productions.) Thanks, Amy!


  1. I love the backsplash & clock, as well! The storage area would have been handy, I wish my stove had one.

  2. I moved into my current house in 1990 and an old TAPPAN stove was included inside. At first I said to myself, "Oh Lord, I need to get a new stove", but it turned out that I fell in love with it after using it the first time..... I've always been more fond of gas cooking, but the size of it, the storage areas, the backsplash and how level the top of the backsplash is (for me to display miniature teapots), and the broiler all with a great sized oven all make me happy. I need to replace the seal so the heat doesn't seep out, but other than that I love it and will hope to have newer "innerds" replaced when necessary so I can use it forever!! :)


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