Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White Salt and Pepper Shakers

Here's one more page out of a 1940's Philgas Tappan sales manual. This is double oven, double broiler model 1040 that sold for a whopping $199.50. Note the white salt & pepper shakers on top of the back splash.

(Later - as I look through the Philgas-Tappan sales manual, I've come to realize that this model may not have been made by Tappan even though it's a Philgas stove.  I'm going to leave the picture on the blog....just be aware this may not be a Tappan)

1 comment:

  1. A $199.50 range in 1940 would cost $3031.06 in today's money. I guess you got what you paid for back then. I can't imagine one of our "cheap" stoves of today lasting that long or offering so many features.


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