Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Before the Deluxe

Here's a sales manual picture of a precursor to the Tappan Deluxe. It's a 1940's model 840 that was a collaboration between Philgas and Tappan. Notice the griddle on top of the left side burners. Also, catch the stove price label on the bottom.


  1. I noticed that the handbook section "Care of Poreclain Enamel" has as illustrations a stove similer to the above and probably the one immediately before the typical Series 60. Is there a specific year associated with your photo?

  2. The "Care of Porcelain" page came out of a July 1, 1949 Owner's Manual and the above illustration is from a 1939-40 sales manual. I'll scan some more of the sales manual models & post them soon. It seems like the Deluxe started around 1947. I think some of those Owner's Manual illustrations were carried forward from older manuals.

  3. I start being more specific whenever possible about dates.

  4. I'm cleaning this model for an elderly client - it's beautiful!


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