Friday, November 27, 2009

Lighting The Oven Pilot

Here is information about lighting the Tappan Deluxe oven pilot flame. Follow the directions for the Series 60 Non-CP or CP models, depending on which you have. Ignore the "No. 2 Series" information which is for another model of stove.


  1. I have the Tappan AV 669 CP, just restored to the point of turning on the gas & lighting up the pilots!

    In cleaning the oven, I notice a rod, the thermostat sensor, I think? is detached from the oven back wall. The holding clips are still attached to the rod, but I see no way to secure them into the holes provided - they apparently *don't* screw in .. how did these clips attach, anyone?

  2. Just purchased a JLVT 62, tappan deluxe. Is this the same as the hlvt 62-15?


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