Sunday, April 3, 2011

Philgas Tappan De Luxe

Todd emailed photos of his Model 1746 Tappan. I'm guessing this is a 1946 Philgas model. I've learned, by looking through my 1940 and 1941 sales manuals, that in these early models the last two numbers of the model number indicate year. The 1700 series would have been one of the higher end models for that year.

The 1941 version of a stove that is most similar to Todd's stove was called the "De Luxe Model" and was described in the Philgas sales manual with the following:
"Flush-to-wall design. Divided Cove Top with center working space and built-in Tel-U-Set (Chromo-line edge lighted instrument panel with Visiminder, Visiguide and flood light). Toe-Cove base * Four Chromelite Vitamin-Saver top-burners-giant on left front, standard on right front, two Mighty-Mites at rear-all with new Flexo-Flame lock-type simmer valves. Chromelite reflector drip trays. Black porcelain enameled oval grates. Automatic top-burner lighting both sides * Insulated Visualite Flexo-Speed oven with automatic heat control and Sani-Clean chrome lining. Double Tuf-flex glass window. Electric lamp inside oven with exterior "peek" switch. Non.tilt, positive-stop, ribbon racks. Oven-doorstop. Concealed heat control dial and lock-type oven valve * Drawer broiler, smokeless type, with De Luxe Clean-Quick chromium pan and grid * Two utility compartments with trigger-touch door catches--adjustable wire-shelf in left, cutlery drawer and towel drying rack in right * Finished in white porcelain except white Nubelite body sides and black Ebonite base. De luxe Chromo-line hardware."

Todd, thanks for sharing the photos of your 1940's stove!


  1. Are any of the philgas stoves compatible with natural gas, from what I have seen, it looks like all of them are LPG use only. Anyone know if there is a way to convert one? I have the same stove pictured here, and after getting the gas line run for it today, the plumber brought up the question if it is an LGP of NG stove. The regulator on mine clearly states LPG use only. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. The difference between an LPG and NG appliance is the regulator pressure and/or size of the jets. The jets will definitely need to be replaced if you wish to convert.

    2. I just bought a stove like this,and pilot lights were a bear to adjust and light. I need to know if the oven pilot is supposed to stay lit at all times,or do you only light it when you're using it? My 48 Deluxe was to be lit at each use. Hoping to find a remedy,because local repairmen don't want to touch this!


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