Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Tappan Deluxe Discovery

I received the following email from Jon in Illinois regarding his V665-9 Tappan Deluxe....
"I’ve been reading your Tappan blog site for about 2 hours now. Incredibly interesting.

Well, my wife and I bought a house on auction, and this stove was in the basement (gas still hooked up). Based on the model number, I don’t see reference to it anywhere. A lot of people on your blog reference similar numbers, but not this exact one; nor can I find anything on this exact model number anywhere else on the web. I can send a picture of the model number and serial number if it will help.

I’m wondering what is it’s value. After looking at your blog I now want to restore it and keep it (although it’s still in really good shape)."
Jon's stove is a CP model (meaning the oven has a standing pilot). It has a Telechron clock with an interesting twist of having the 3 1/2 Interval Timer. I've added a some info. about how this clock works at the end of the post.  His stove looks a lot like mine, but I notice the backsplash light is operated by a knob and not a pull chain which most likely would put it later than 1948. Jon's stove also looks like it has the "gold package" on the backsplash metal.

I spotted one other very interesting thing in  Jon's photos that we have not seen in any previous reader's stoves.  If you take a look at the photos showing the main control panel & thermostat knob, you will see a little white knob on the left side.  I *think* this is a pin for a removable oven door feature.  If this knob is what I think it is...there is another one on the other side in the same spot in the storage area.  When these are pulled out, the oven door supposedly lifts out for easy cleaning.  Hopefully, Jon will let us know.

To address Jon's comment about model numbers.  I have yet to figure out how the model numbers work on the Tappan Deluxe.  When looking for information about your stove, the only way I have been able to determine model year is to actually look at the features of the stove.  There are probably 100 reader's stoves featured on this blog, and I have yet to see identical model numbers between two Deluxe stoves.


  1. Ron & Aiden sent me an email with the following observation....

    "We think this stove is as late as 1953. Addressing the little white knob: we have a black knob in exactly the same place, and it is for the "prop-open" feature to cool the oven or reduce temperature in the oven - or, as the owner's manual points out - to relieve condensation on the oven window.

    If you look carefully and mentally "measure" - the knob is up far too high to have anything to do with the oven door removal. In later models such as this one, the door removal was a simple matter - it simply "tilted" out from its fully-open position: one would raise one end and the whole thing would pop out easily. There are a couple of references to this is some of the owner's manuals you probably have, we think.

    We use the "prop-open" feature off and on - very useful. Like everything else on Mighty Whitey."

  2. I have a V 60 as well and my local vintage oven repair man (Berkeley, CA) placed it at '53 or '54


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