Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thermostat Mystery

Connie and Tom sent me this email about their Tappan Deluxe...
"We are looking for an age for our Tappan Deluxe. HDV 64 -3 Serial number  254710.  My husband grabbed this almost 20 years ago  “free for taking”.  It is my prized possession…I absolutely love it!  We we’re so happy to find your blog…we have searched for years for info On these old stoves! Thanks for any input you can give us!"
The things I noticed about the stove: The model is a later version of the Deluxe...early 1950's. Probably '52 - '54. The broiler foot pedal was a later option. The stove has Telechron clock which is a little unusual for the later models which seems to have the time control clock. The clock also has chrome knobs...which is a nice feature :) It's also a little unusual for this model to be a non-CP (without a standing pilot). These later stoves seems to almost be made to order because there is so much variance in the features. The stove has those very nice chrome burner knob backs...those are special!

Connie and I exchanged a few emails about her oven not working properly. We originally discussed the possibility that their thermostat needed work, and then I received this update:
"Just wanted to let you know… I told you our Tappan oven was not working….not getting hot. We had the oven pulled out, so we took everything apart, Tom wanted To make sure that is was the oven control before we sent it away to be rebuilt. After taking the burners completely out and cleaning them, they did not work right either! If you got one burner lit, and lit another, the first one would go out! So Tom checked the gas line, low pressure! He went down and tried to light the hot water tank… It had low gas pressure. We called the gas company. Our meter was broke, they replaced it. While we have the “old girl” pulled out he is replacing the flexible gas line, then I should be BAKING Christmas cookies!!"
A good reminder to start with the basics when addressing stove problems. And, yes, I am that far behind in posting reader's stove pictures (those Christmas cookies she baked are long gone, I am sure).  Be patient, I have many more reader's stoves to share....

Connie and Tom - Thanks for sharing your photos and info.!


  1. That is one nice looking stove!

  2. My broiler draw is stuck. It moves about an inch and then stops. I accessed through the oven and pushed and shoved it's not budging. Sean in Norfolk, VA.


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