Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New York Tappan Deluxe

Sara in NY sent me the following email:
"Hi, Stuccohouse.

Here are the Craigslist pictures of my new beauty.  She's a CP, model AV 667 9E, and seems, to my untrained eye, to be in pretty good shape. I think now you can see why I believe she resembles Ron and Aiden's stove, but may be a tad newer because our respective stoves have different model numbers and because their stovetop light has a chain pull, which mine doesn't. I don't know where to find information regarding her actual age.

I'm only doing cleaning and other minor aesthetic tasks at present, but one thing I cannot do is figure out whether or not I can remove the chrome Logo/Clock/Timer/Roasting Temp. plaque (for lack of a better description) on the backsplash. It is very, very pitted and decidedly unattractive and if I could safely take it off someone somewhere might be able to restore it. Does anyone know if the thing is actually removable?"
Sara and I exchanged a few emails on starting to restore a "new to you" stove.  My advice: The easiest place to start is cleaning, if course.  The burners pull out. There are also drip drawers that are directly under the burners that pull out. Most people don't notice these, so they were rarely cleaned over the years. They are at the top of the side storage areas and just slide out for cleaning. Mine were disgusting, but cleaned up to look like new. I find those cleaning "miracle erasers" work really well for cleaning. Also, the bottom plates in the oven lift out for cleaning.

Can anyone answer Sara's question about removing the back splash trim? What do you think the model year is?

Sara, thanks for sharing pictures of your new purchase!


  1. Hi,

    Very carefully use a small flat screw driver to pry the chrome bezel from the back splash. It pops into place with a few posts. The area around the clock is fragile so be careful not to flex it in that area or it could crack.

  2. Sara - Ron & Aiden sent me a comment via email:

    "Sara's stove is pretty obviously 1949 or so. Maybe 1950, but it's a sure thing it's no newer than that - and in GREAT shape, too. The comment about removing the bezel was dead on - just easy, careful and slow - these things were built for service, even though they're built like aircraft carriers."

  3. I don't know if you'll ever get this as it's two years after the last post. It looks just like mine which is my home's original stove. We moved into the house in 1955, so I'm guessing it's a 1954 or 1955 vintage.

  4. PS--My model is a AV667 9.


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