Sunday, January 30, 2011


Another Twin Cities vintage stove owner sent me photos if their Tappan.  Cheri sent me this email:
"Hello - I just came upon your website. We have a Tappan Range, Model No. GVD 57 6.  We bought our 1947 home in 1980 (which came with the 1947 Tappan).  We have been using it ever since and love it!

I was wondering if you knew of anyone/any place in the Twin Cities area that repainted or restored outsides of stoves. The enamel is looking a little shabby and could use a little restoration." 
I sent Cheri the following links for reporcelaining.  I know these places all have worked on vintage stoves, but have not used them myself. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone that has used them.

Gigi's Hollydale Appliances

Independence Porcelain Enamel

Custom Ceramic Coatings, Inc.

Thanks Cheri for the photos!


  1. Hi! I am so glad I found this site. My boyfriend and I have just moved into an apartment, with this exact model of a Tappan stove and we have absolutely no clue how to light the pilot for the oven. Any help would be great!

  2. Stacie - If you look to the right side of the the LABELS section...and click on "Pilot" you will find posts that address pilot light issues...including Owner's Manual instructions on how to light the oven. Good luck with your new old stove :)

  3. I have the exact same stove, GVD 57 6 Serial# 114512. I want to know if there is a restoration business in the Minneapolis area. The stove was my grandma's and it's in real good shape. I would like to get it restored,back into pristine condition,and install it in my house. Can somebody out there help give me some direction?


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