Monday, August 23, 2010

Electric Tappan

Leah sent me a photo of an unusual Tappan she was thinking about buying. It's an electric model with a coveted griddle in the center. Leah was hoping for advice on how difficult it is to find an element for an electric stove if the original goes bad.  I've never owned an electric stove, so I don't have any advice to offer on that issue. Readers?

My guess based on the back splash and the oven door handles is late 1950's or early 1960's. What do you think.

Thanks, Leah!


  1. SH, the knobs look like the typical Tappan Knob & the clock looks familiar. If that's a flurescent light I would think mid-late 50s. I really think Tappan pioneered the generic stove configuration of today (30" wide, 4 burners, stove above, broiler below) starting with their "Holiday" stove.

  2. I just linked back to this after your latest posting SH (Is It a Tappan?)....I think the marriage to O'Keefe & Merritt clearly shows up in this stove in the styling. Anything labled Tappan that's not a Deluxe seems to be influenced by O'K & M.


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