Friday, August 27, 2010

The Tappan With Red Handles

I received these photos from Keith of a Tappan stove that has been in his parent's summer cottage since the 1950's.  His grandfather bought it from an older lady in the mid 1950's who had purchased it new. The woman had only used two of the burners, so it was a great deal.  The black knobs are replacement. The charming red knobs are original, but on their last leg (any suggestions on where to buy replacements of this style?). Serial# C8729 Style WF-11-3

Keith was wondering how old the stove is.  My guess based on the raised feet and door handles, is the  mid-1930's.  Also, note the unusual Robert Shaw thermostat knob...and the burner covers that swing down to the sides of the stove.

Thanks for sharing the photos, Keith!

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