Saturday, July 24, 2010

Restoring the Stove

Laura wrote to me about the Tappan stove that was in the kitchen of the house she bought in Tucson, Arizona. It's a Tappan Deluxe model # HAV 668 15G, Serial 206418. She described it as being in fair shape and working, but very dirty inside.  She is now in the process of cleaning the stove and replacing some of the missing parts.

She has pryrogrates in the back burners, a nice chrome oven interior, Time Control clock, a foot pedal to open the broiler, a nice set of crisper drawers, both of the burner covers stored in the side doors, a pull out storage drawer and a pull out cutlery drawer.  It's a cute stove that should clean up very well.

Thanks, Laura!


  1. It appears that this stove has the contro-lo front burners but not the matching grates. Could this be yet another configuration?

  2. What year is this stove anyone know? I've got a PAV 668 10M and it looks the same as this one but couldn't find the year?

    1. I have one in my garage a 1960's deluxe tappen gas stove, my Dad bought one for my mother when they got married back in 1960's. The one I have has the drawers and the dials light up around the turning knobs. If this helps.

  3. I have a stove that looks just like this one but it is electric and i cant find any info on it can anyone help?

  4. @rudiedog, I have the same model and it has the same grates, so must be another configuration.

  5. Im looking for a set of drip pans for my delux! Cant find anywhere!!!! Anyone know where I might find?

  6. Mine is have 68 17c and has the same grates

  7. We have a tappan delux 1950s in a house we bought and rented. It has been neglected but I need some info on how to clean the burners themselves. I can't seem to get the oven to light. It is a great stove and I hate to give up on it. I have cleaned a lot but don't want to spend more time or energy on it for nothing. Thanks.

  8. I have a Tappen CP in an old house we purchased and I need to know how to light the pilots on the range top,and how to clean the inside of clock glass,there is also a light under the clock area but I can't figure out what size bulb goes in it. Curious in OK


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