Thursday, July 15, 2010

Up At The Lake

I received these photos from Jim a while ago (sorry Jim for the delay in posting them!).  He and his wife bought a cottage on a small lake in northern PA five or six years ago. The cottage was built in the late forties. It was in rough shape so they fixed it up on weekends and vacations over several years. One of the few things they kept from the cottage was this old Tappan gas stove. They have been trying to learn the age of the stove but so far have had no luck. There is no serial # only W-A-7 stamped on the plate at the oven control.

I took a look through my 1940's sales manuals and wasn't able to find any stove that looked like this one...or had features like it. By the 1940's the Tappans all seemed to be on a base rather that on feet. I would guess this stove would be from the early to mid 1930's (the charming feet look Deco to me).

Readers.....any observations?

I especially love the chrome top - that is very special. I forgot to ask Jim if the center to the top of the stove works as a griddle.

Thanks for the photos Jim!


  1. So happens there is a mint green one like that in my cousin's aunt's (on the other side.) Her mother bought it new at Merkle Brothers Hardware in the fall of 1931.

    No griddle on Bessie's but there were removable burner covers that were in the side closets (hanging from the inside of the door?)

  2. I have the same stove. model# wlf -7-a. I Just bought it. Do you know how to work it. I haven't hooked it up yet. Looks like I should use a match to light it each time. does it have a pilot light?

  3. I have my Grandmothers stove. My Granfather told me he bought in 1934. It has pilot lights for the stovetop and the oven. I believe the top is nickel. I restored the stove after my sister abused it and chromed all parts with copper/nickel/chrome. It also has a light and shelve for salt and pepper. The stove has been in service for all but a few years and is the one we use every day.

    1. I love your stove. I just bought a Tappan Deluxe "Doughboy" and the inside needs lots of cleaning. I think it also needs re chroming. What do you recommend to clean the chrome? I am just learning all about these stoves and ordered a manual off ebay just a few days ago. My chrome interior is rusty. The rest of the stove is very very nice.


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