Monday, May 31, 2010

Griddle in the Middle

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the pictures of this stove.

Jeremiah and Leah sent the following email along with the photo of their Tappan stove:
"My wife and I received a Tappan range from my grandmother that they bought in 1960.  They only used it for 6 months before my grandfather was transferred overseas and then it sat in storage for 40 years!  I have attached a picture of the stove and of the model number plate.  The model number looks like OK 30-3.  Didn't see any info for this model under the model info on the site.  It has 4 top burners and griddle in the center.  The oven thermostat is a Wilcolator." 
I have heard that the Tappan company was somehow affiliated with O'Keefe & Merrit for a short period of time and produced stoves. I strongly suspect this stove is one of those collaborations. It has all of the earmarks of an O'Keefe & Merrit stove (swoon). I think they used to call them "O'Tappan" stoves as a little joke.

Beautiful, no?


  1. Absolutely Fabulous SH!!!!!

  2. Hi!

    In searching for replacement oven handles (the center plastic piece) for my Tappan stove, I came across your amazing blog. My stove is identical to that of Jeremiah & Leah (Monday, May 31, 2009 post). I picked up my stove for $350 a few years ago, deciding it would be more appropriate for my house (built in 1915), rather than a more modern style appliance. It works great...but two of the oven handle center pieces are missing. Any help you could offer in locating this would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Much thanks!



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