Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Found on A Porch

I enjoy getting emails from people telling either about their stove's history or how they found & bought their stove.  Here's an email I received from Granny Sue.
In 1976 I bought a Tappan stove (although not a deluxe model) and I loved that stove. Then we moved and were on LP gas. The price got so high for gas that an electric stove was a better deal so we got rid of the Tappan--not knowing what a treasure we had.
Since we would have gas again, I started looking for another Tappan, preferably a Tappan Deluxe. My son located one on a porch not far from where he lives with a for sale sign--$50. He checked it out, called me, and bought the stove on the spot. He has it at his house now and has plugged it in to see the if the lights work. All but one red burner light came on; we'll have to check into that.
This stove belonged to the same lady from the time it was new. She passed away and the granddaughter who now lives in her house wanted a new stove. The stove has all its parts--burner covers, knobs, drawers, etc and is in just beautiful condition. I do not know if the oven works properly, and after reading about the themostat issues people have had I'm a little worried about that, but the stove did work fine right up until it was put on the porch about 2 months ago.
If anyone has thermostat tips or info. on getting her red burner knob to light up again for Granny Sue, please comment. Also, I'd be interested to hear what features readers see in these stoves (rather than fill these posts with only my observations).......


  1. I am dying to see my stove lit up like that. I originally thought I woould cut my counters down but I have since decided to replace all my base cabinets & have planned stove clearance. This is suppose to begin next cousin says I bought my Tappan, "Precious", because I'm like a Magpie; attracted to bight and shiny objects.

  2.'s a beauty!

  3. Congrats on your stove & on your awesome deal! I just bought one this morning, in beautiful working condition for $100.00 and thought I got the deal of the century! Can't wait to get it all connected up & cook my first meal on it. Enjoy!

  4. I am jumping in and getting one of these stoves thanks for you help


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