Sunday, May 30, 2010

June's Tappan Deluxe

These photos are of June's Tappan Deluxe with a model number of TV-6219. Her stove is original to her 1950's house and she is only the 3rd owner of the Tappan!  June sent the photos with a few questions.

She was hoping to discover what year her stove was manufactured; if the silver burner rings were original or if they once were glass; and what to use to clean the stove.

My response to her included the following observations.

I suspect the stove is a 1950's (or so) model. It has a knob turning on the back splash light instead of the earlier pull chain.

The stoves are amazingly easy to clean. If you look on my blog, you will find pages on how to clean the to removed the manifolds to to clean the broiler, etc.

I'm almost certain that the chrome rings are original to the stove. They were typical for your model. If a stove had glass rings, they would have little light bulbs behind the rings to light them up.

I like to use the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean my stove. Goof Off works really well to remove built up grease, ect. A straight edge razoe also is good just to scrape off gunk,

I am very curious about the switch on the far right side of the back splash. What does it  turn on? The oven? This is only the second stove I have seen with that feature.

Okay Tappan Talk readers, now it's your turn. What feature do you see on June's stove? What cleaning tips do you have?  Do you know what the switch on the back splash does?


  1. The little switch turns on a light under the top roll back.The light also lights the visiguide. At least that is what mine does. Get a spray bottle and put about 2 tbls. Dawn and the rest water. Makes a great all-purpose kitchen cleaner and window washing solution. If you add a little bleach, you can also disinfect as you wipe your counter tops. Don't put the chrome parts in the dishwasher, it wears it away quickly.

  2. Received an email with some info....

    Ron and Aiden suspect that the black knob on the backsplash is the control for rotating the VisiGuide feature (at least that's where ours is on Mighty Whitey). The switch where the CP light is on our stove is most likely the switch that turns the illumination on for the backsplash.

    Your tips for cleaning are dead on. That's pretty much the procedure we followed. Mighty Whitey was a one-owner, and she never really cleaned the beast. It took some elbow grease (and patience), but it was worth it.

  3. The switch is for the light that lights up the clock and VisiGuide, and also shines down on the cook top. We use it as a night light in our kitchen.
    I used Ammonia to clean ours initially, when we got it. It sat curbside, for free, but it was filthy. It is smelly, but it gets all old grease off, and doesn't damaged the old girl, make sit sparkle! I now use Mr Clean erasers for general clean up!


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