Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tilley Tappan

What are the chances that two readers would send me photos of their PHADV stoves on the same day?! In my last post I showed an unusual ADV-668-7 stove.

Here's the email I received from Rudiedog about their PHADV-664-5 stove:
"Just wanted to send you some pictures of our stove, 'Tilley Tappan'. She is a Philgas Tappan. She has a Robertshaw knob for the thermostat on the oven. I read somewhere on this site that that is kinda rare that Robertshaw is mentioned on a Tappan.

I bake a lot...and this oven is by far the best oven I have ever used. Thing come out evenly browned and cakes rise level and not lopsided from one side hotter then the other. The inside is all chrome and it seems to reflect the heat nicely.

Here is question for all of you, have you ever seen another Tappan with the front burners like ours? The outside is a big ring of fire but the center is a small ring for gentlely melting chocolate or making cheese sauces that you don't want to scorch?

Also, when we bought this cooking marvel from the Goodwill store, it had a cracked front grate. I need another. Anybody got one?
It's fun to receive notes from people that do serious baking & cooking with their stoves.  This is probably the #1 question I received about the do they bake?

This is another one of these stoves with a combination of interesting features: chrome knob rings, stove top knobs say front and rear (I haven't seen this before, but went back to check Michale B's PHADV stove and his also has these knobs), chrome trim around the oven window, and Time Control clock for the automatic oven. Philgas Tappan appears on the oven door, a nice touch I also have not seen before.  It's a Super 60 stove. Also, notice the cute Tappan Doughboy salt & pepper shakers.

As first I didn't pay a lot of attention to the question about the burner. I thought it referred to a "giant" burner that has a ring of flames on the outside & inside, but then I took a closer look.  No, this burner was not like that at all. It has a mini-burner inside the large burners. And take a look at the interesting burner grates - with a small circle in the center. This topic inspired a lot of email exchange.....and I'm going to save some of it for another post devoted solely to this type of burner.

Also, take a look at the clock. Compare it to some of the older Tappan Deluxe stoves with the Telechrome and Timer Control clocks. More on this in a future post too.....

Rudiedog also tells us that in replacing the safety, she noticed the date 1955 on the part. This starts lending some credence to the theory that on these PHADV stoves, the final "-#" may indicate the manufacture year. Although, I suppose we have to be careful here as parts can be created before the entire stove. However, 1955 is later than most Tappan Deluxe stoves. So, more research on these PHADV stoves is needed.....

Rudiedog, thanks for sharing photos of Tilley Tappan.  Does your Owner's Manual have a date on the inside cover or on the back? And, I just noticed the switch on the upper right hand corner of the back this for the oven light??


  1. Wow, Tilley Tappan is a great stove, as are all Tappans and Phil-Tappans, and Tappan-O'Keefe's, etc.

    I found some interesting ads trying to research the history of Philgas/Tappan. They list quite a few of the "perks" and amenities they were equipped with.

    Of particular interest, is the ad from 1938 mentioning the dual top burners, so Philgas was on the ball, even way back in 1938. My 1950 Tappan does not have dual burners, (it's not a Philgas-Tappan), but I do have a Robert Shaw thermostat and safety valve.

    Here are the ads - you can move them around, or reduce using the minus sign up top.

    From 1938:

    From 1940:

    From 1950:

    I tried to locate ads from around 1955 but didn't come up with anything.

    Enjoy Tilley, and thanks for the excellent baking report!

  2. I noticed this comment on the Westinghouse Roasters website, in case anyone would like to contact this museum for more information on Tappans (Mansfield Memorial Museum Phone: 419-524-9924):

    We got this note from Scott Schaut, Curator of the Mansfield Memorial Museum (Mansfield was the site of the Westinghouse factory where the Roaster was made) Scott writes:

    "... I commend you on your web site and the information that is available. One you your bloggers said that they lived close to Mansfield and was going to see what was at the library on Westinghouse. Unfortunately they hardly have anything. I have been collecting Mansfield factory items for the past 13 years. Between the Museum and my personal collections we have amassed a great deal of material on Tappan, Dominion Electric and of course Westinghouse.

  3. Beautiful stove! Can't wait until we find out more on these great PHADV models. My curiosity is about to get the best of me! I love the chrome rings behind the knobs and the white handles on the chrome oven and broiler pulls.

  4. Hi, I'm a new Tappan owner, my dear fiance found me one for free on a moving job, and he's wanting to restore it for our new home. The problem is, there's barely any information out there left and we don't know where to begin. Hopefully you can help us some. Here's the info we took of the stove: povk 663 eSerial number 1-10250. Any information would be very helpful. Thank you!

  5. Tristyn - Nice score on the free Tappan :) We can't tell much about the stoves right now fromt he model number, but if you would like to email photos of your stove to me (see link on left side), I'd be happy to tell you what I know about it....or post it for comments from readers (although I will warn you, I am running behind). Most of the restoration info. is generally applicable to all Tappan stoves...although some stoves have different features. If you go through some of my older posts, you will find pages out of old Owner's Manuals and that's a good place to start.

  6. This stove does look exactly like ours.
    We also have the small ring of flames on our burners, the light switch on the back right of the back splash,(lights up the clock, baking instruction scroll and the back of the cook top) the "front" and "back" on the knobs, chrome backs for the knobs, and chrome around the glass for the oven! Ours also has the foot pedal for the broiler, the Chrome Crisper drawers on the left side of the oven, and the burner covers.
    I also use ours to bake all the time. Sadly, the oven quit working the other day, won't stay hot. I have Christmas dinner at our house! We will be cooking the ham in a large roaster, until we can get the parts to fix our old girl!
    Can't say enough wonderful things about this blog...we have looked for info for years!
    Happy Holidays fellow Tappan fans!

  7. Hello I finally found a stove with the same round burner grates as mine. I am in process of restoring my Tappan Deluxe. Instead of PHADV it is just HADV 668 7m I am pretty new to this and still can't figure out if my stove is CP or not. We have not hooked it up to gas and bought it with out knowing if it works.


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