Thursday, March 25, 2010

Odie's Late 1930's Tappan Stove

I received these photos from Tappan Talk reader Odie. His house was built in 1939 and he was wondering if this stove was original to the house. The stove is a model # WD 11-4

My 1940's company sales manual includes illustrations of the current year Tappan stoves they produced for Philgas....but it also includes some general promo pieces for Tappan that use older versions of stoves (I'm sure these pieces were not updated annually). So, I pulled out this manual and took a look through it's pages looking for an illustration of a similar stove. Bingo.

The manual includes general promo pieces that include illustration of a stove similar to this model. The promo pieces are talking about the new "divided top" work space..and the "ease of cleaning" the burners. This places this stove in the late 1930's.

One thing that makes me think this may be a 1937 or 1938 stove is that the burner handles and oven/broiler handles are more of a boxy shape..and that back splash has a timer & a clock. Compare this to Ron's stove, which is similar but most likely a little later, that has rounded oven door handles and a Visiminder.  Both stove have that very nice opal glass back splash light.

Also take a look at the burner covers on this stove.....they slide down in back for storage! Very cool.

The oven window seemed to be an option into the early 1950's. It looks like this stove also came in a two oven body....which makes me think this was at just the time when the switch to the Deluxe (oven in the middle w/ storage on each side) body style was taking place.

I'm curious what is on the floor in the right hand storage. It looks built in. Any ideas? 

Odie, thanks for sharing your photos and keep us posted on your restoration!


  1. Mystery solved on what is on the floor in the right hand storage. A tortilla maker. I had wondered if it was something for a propane tank....nope.

  2. Oh my, I am so amazed. I just found you and can't tell you how happy I am so see this page. The "Tappan Way" advertising picture is my beloved stove. I have always wondered about it and have never seen another. Maybe someone here has one too? I have pictures and serial number if interested. Great Blog!

  3. Yarndiva - Glad you were able to find your stove in the posts. I'm always interested in serial # and pictures (although I'm running behind in posting right now). Feel free o email them to me using the link on the left side of the blog along with any info. you have about your stove and I'd love to post them!

  4. I have an "I LOVE LUCY" Tappan stove and the SERIAL number is F2311 and the STYLE number is PTW--11. Does anyone know what it is worth. It is in fair condition.

  5. Wow, just found your blog and I have to say, it's an amazing source of information on the Tappan stoves/oven! Congrats! My partner and I purchased a 1937 Spanish Revival house two years ago in Los Angeles. The house came with a Tappan oven and looking at the pictures of this particular one, it confirmed my I have been saying all along: it's a 1937 model! I love, love, LOVE this oven. It's perfection! One small difference, is that the back splash does not have the timer. For some reason, there is a timer installed ABOVE the unit. Not sure if it came with it.


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