Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jeff's New Tappan Deluxe Stove

Jeff and his wife just purchased a 1948 ranch house in Milwaukee that was part of an estate sale. The house had been vacant for 13 years...and came complete with a Tappan Deluxe stove. The previous owners selling the house weren't sure anyone would want the old stove. When Jeff & his wife asked for the stove, the sellers where happy not to have to get rid of it themselves.

Jeff emailed me because he was able to get the oven to light up immediately, but only two of the top burners was working. We did some brainstorming & came to the conclusion that the pilot light to two of the burners was having some trouble lighting. One of the first things I suggested was cleaning the burners (the holes can get clogged over the years). Also keep in mind that because it's a standing pilot, gas is always flowing to the burner. If the pilot is out, turn off the gas until you can get the pilot lit.

After a little work, Jeff was able to get all burners working.  He sent photos for us to enjoy.

This is an earlier stove (we can tell by the pull chain for the light on the back splash). Model # TV 65-16. It has a Telechron clock. It's a virtual twin to my stove, except it has a chrome oven interior, a crisper draw in the left storage area and the pull out drawer/towel rack on the right.

The house still has it's original vintage interior. Look at that great wall tile complete with the chrome trim on the corner....and swing out towel rack on the wall.

Thanks for sharing your photos, Jeff!


  1. Hi. Im looking at a Tappan Deluxe model HV-64-15. It has the white knobs chrome walls in the oven for the racks and then the gold medallion in the handles. It is not a CP model though. You have to manual light the oven. It has the Robert shaw oven control knob too. Anyone care to comment?

    1. I have one that came with our house, is it worth anything?

  2. Anonymous - The Tappan Deluxe models are pretty much the same except for the "options" on the stove. The big difference being, as you mentioned, non-CP and CP. If the stove works well and is priced right, it sounds like a nice stove. The chrome ovens are very nice looking :)

  3. Hi, Today, I purchased a Tappen Deluxe Model No. YK6313. Is that similar to the one you have?

  4. Anonymous - Without seeing photos of your stove, it's difficult to tell just by the model number. My stove is a TV 63-X13, so our models could be close. Have you seen the photos of my stove? See the very first post on this blog. Feel free to email photos to me using the link in the left hand side...and we can compare.

  5. Can you put the other two chrome drawers on the left side of this model? What year is it? 1948?


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