Thursday, February 18, 2010

Veronica's Tappan Stove

Veronica sent me pictures of a vintage Tappan she just bought and is planning on restoring. This one threw me for a loop. I looked through the materials I have and the closest guess I can make to a identifying it is a possible Series 70.

I have a 1950 Owners Manual for a Tappan Deluxe that also includes an early Series 70. The series 70 looks somewhat similar to Veronica's stove (except her oven has a window, there is a storage area under the left warming drawer/broiler, it has a Telechron clock and outlet). I'm also interested in the medallion that says "Deluxe."  I'm wondering if this was a higher end series 70 model or perhaps a later version. It has a  push button light, which on the series 60's mean's its a later model (with the pull chain on the earlier years).

Does anyone have a later 1050's Owners Manual that includes series 70s? Any other ideas?

She hasn't been able to find any model or series numbers (I have heard they sometimes put them under the right, front burner)


  1. Veronica - Here's a tid-bit of info. I learned from a knowledgeable TappanTalk reader today via email:

    "By the way - Veronica's "mystery" Deluxe stove - I believe that model is mid-1950s, but I can't be certain. I remember seeing a stove like that at a friend's house in [MN], and she was talking about when they bought it new - the Korean war had just ended, so that puts it about that time."

    It seems we are on target thinking this might be a mid-50's model that was selling at the same time or just after the Tappan Deluxe series 60 stoves.

  2. we have a similar stove but we rnt quite sure of the model. Ours is identical except for the window on the oven...

  3. I think my grandmother has this exact stove. I have been trying to find information about it online and this is the first photo I have found... I have been searching for awhile now. I am not sure the one in our family has "Deluxe" on it...

    Thanks for the photo.

  4. Funny enough, I was trying to find information on my apartment's stove... and judging from the 1950 brochure, I have a 1950 70 series! The only difference is that my oven has a window. I love my oven, I'm honestly thinking of trying to buy it from my landlord when I move out.

  5. I Found the same stove in my grandmas basement I think it's a DI-72 or DL-72. Do you think it's worth anything? some of the Pull handles are broken But the inside seems okay.


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