Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reader Question

This afternoon, Tappan Talk received the following reader question:
"I have the Tappan AV 669 CP, just restored to the point of turning on the gas & lighting up the pilots!

In cleaning the oven, I notice a rod, the thermostat sensor, I think? is detached from the oven back wall. The holding clips are still attached to the rod, but I see no way to secure them into the holes provided - they apparently *don't* screw in .. how did these clips attach, anyone?"
 First, congratulations on restoring your stove!  I've attached photos I have of the oven burner of a non-CP (which may or may not make a difference depending on what part you are talking about) stove. This is the inside of the oven with the oven floor and baffle removed.

Readers: any help/advice to add?

Let me know if this helps. If not, we can try to solicit photos from some of Tappan Talk's CP & AV 669 readers....


  1. Hi, I know this is an old post, but that is a secondary pilot that comes on when burner is lit. When temp in oven is satisfied, it shuts gas down- sometimes off. This pilot tube stays lit so that as the thermostat calls for more gas, this pilot will ignite it. (gas comes in from back to front) This pilot catches it right away- instead of the front pilot. Joe

    1. Hey Joe! Are you in Pittsburgh by any chance? I'm over on Polish Hill and just installed a CP Tappan Deluxe almost identical to yours (amber burner rings). I'm looking for some help troubleshooting help to get my oven to light. Front pilot is on but I can't get the oven to light....Not sure if I have a problem or if I'm not doing it right! If you might be able to help me figure it out shoot me an email at l.e.coniglio at gmail. thx!

  2. Hello. I'm looking to talk to Joe or someone with alot of knowledge about Tappans. I just bought a vintage tappan deluxe model # AV 669-16 (CP & 60 series) and I'm not sure what I'm even getting into w/restoration and could really use any help I could get. Also needing an owners manual or a copy if someone will do that. Will also be needing parts.

    Thank you very much. My email address is (no spaces in actual address) michigan 1986 @ hotmail . com


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