Sunday, February 7, 2010

At a Theater Near You

Another Tappan Deluxe costarring in a movie.  Disturbia, directed by D. J Caruso and starring Shia LeBeouf, is an updated version of Hitchcock's classic Rear Window. The movie was released by DreamWorks on 2007.

A troubled high school junior is sentenced to home arrest after an outburst at school and starts watching the neighbors out of boredom. This plot line gives us a pretty good look at the interior of a stunning CA bungalow (I could watch the movie just for this)....including the kitchen.

I like the exhaust they have above the stove....

Thanks to Ron & Aiden for the sighting tip.


  1. The best Tappan Deluxe sighting is in the movie Come to the Stable starring Celeste Holme and Hugh Marlow. It is about 118 minutes into the film.

  2. The movie Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. He has a Tappan in his kitchen. Didn't get a good look but it is a "dough boy".


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