Sunday, October 31, 2010


Joe dropped this email to me about his shiny Tappan Deluxe...
"I took some pictures of my tappan for you. I bought this in 2006 from the granddaughter of the original owner. It was in good shape but needed a major cleaning. Over the last 4 years, I found the burner covers and the oven racks on ebay, ordered new burner knobs and replaced all of the bulbs. The only thing I have left to do is to rebuild the thermostat, find a pair of pyrex burner trivits and rebuild the clock again. I have attempted to rebuild the clock two times already out of parts I found on ebay, but it dosen't keep time very well. I think the problem is in the coil, because the telechron rotor works fine and the gears turn easily. The inside of the oven is almost spotless as is the porcelan finish on the exterior. We have the stove in our basement kitchen and it works better and is alot easier to clean than the new stove upstairs.
Thanks, Joe"
If anyone has Telechron clock repair advice for Joe, I'm sure he'd be happy to hear it. Check out the Tappan Chef salt & pepper shakers in the top of the stove. And if you peek in the pull out cutlery drawer on the open right storage area, I think I spot the same set of solid white Roman arch shakers that Katie showed us a few months ago.

Also, does anyone have any ideas for reproduction versions of the pyroglass plates that fit on the burner grates of some of the Tappan Deluxes? There certainly are quite a few stove owners looking for them.

Thanks, Joe for the photos. Your stove looks great in that kitchen!


  1. Hi, that stove is beautiful! Does anyone have any tips for removing the clock so I can clean the inside of the glass and have the works checked? There are 4 small nuts in the clock on the inside of the top roll which are going to be difficult to get out and put back in. I could probably get the nuts off, but then the small screws (coming through to the inside from somewhere under the chrome decorative panel on the outside) unless they are fastened to the underside of chrome panel, would come out with no way to put them back in unless the chrome comes off. I don't believe the clock works, so at some point, it will have to be removed. I did see the YouTube demo on clock restoration, but if I can't get it out...! Surely someone else has figured this out :) Also, I removed the broiler and broiler door at the hinges and the spring disengaged and in order to put it back together I believe I need to get the drawer on the side rails out, but I can't see how, or at least its not obvious to me! How do I get this back together? It kind of all came apart before I could really look at it. I did get the black portion of the broiler drawer out, however, I've not had much luck with the sliding part coming off the tracks as shown in TappanTalks photo. Is there a latch or other trick? I haven't spent alot of time with that yet and the manual isn't much help on this subject. I'm pretty mechanical, but I must be missing something on these issues, so any help is welcomed! Thanks so much, Michelle

  2. I cannot get over how adaptable the Tappan Deluxe is from an aesthetic point of view. They seem to be sleek when they need to be, homey when the occasion calls for it and charming *all* the time regardless of the setting. Thanks, Joe, for the pics! - Sara Tink., Rochester, NY

  3. Am I on the wrong page? I just replaced an element on a 1959 Tappan Debutante Wall Oven. Model is 402-4A. I think it is also called a fabulous 400. I was looking for upper left door hinge for the larger oven. Also interested in replacement oven door seals. Thank you.


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