Saturday, February 22, 2014

Heavily Insulated

I recently received a request from Katy for cooking tips when using a Tappan oven.  This is a topic that I don't think we have touched on previously.  The Tappan Deluxe models (and probably other models too) have what is described in Tappan Materials as a "heavily insulated" oven.

They actually talk a little bit about it in some of the Owners' Manuals. I have included one of the pages below.

The Manuals actually include pages of cooking and baking times (watch for manuals on Ebay - they come up frequently and sell for ballpark $10-15.)

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  1. Hello. My uncle has a Tappan stove. It is model number 64, lot No. c. It is from the 1950s. He would like to sell it. It still works, and he is the original owner. An antique store owner said it was only worth $100. Do you know if that's true?


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