Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Vintage Replacement

Maureen sent me a couple of emails about her new Tappan Deluxe. Along with the email info, she included photos of vintage Magic Chef she previously owned. Both stoves seem to be a good fit for her 1920's Tudor style house.
"I found Tappan Talk today as I was waiting for the delivery of the Tappan I purchased.

[...]The Tappan I have is model TV63X16 serial number 203049. It has red rings around the knobs, I wonder if these are supposed to light up. The clock doesn't work, but it looks cool. It is not a CP model so the oven has to be lit each time.

It was built in Mansfield, OH.  I bought it yesterday from a used appliance dealer in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland, OH. I think he got it from an estate sale.

The stove is a replacement for a 1948 Magic Chef which I had since 1976. It finally needed a new thermostat and I am hoping that my money was better spent in getting this Tappan. It now is in the kitchen of our 1929 house - not a bungalow. There are plenty of beautiful bungalows in our neighborhood.  Our is more of an English shingle covered tudor (I guess). We've been here since 1986 but are still not finished.

The Tappan has a pull chain for the top light, which works. The oven light works, too. The oven is enamel.  There is on wire shelf in the left storage space, and no shelves or racks in the right storage space. It has red glass rings behind the control knobs, but they do no light up.  I don't think they were ever intended to light up - I took off the manifold covers and there is no sign of wiring, a switch or a light. I guess it is a 60 series - so it must be late 40s or early 50s.

I think my Grandmother had one like this - I kind of remember it. I need to look through old family photos to verify.(That would have been in the early 1950s.)"
Maureen also sent me a follow-up email with some VERY interesting info. that she discovered (and agreed to let me post).  Watch for this in an upcoming post :)

Thanks Maureen for sharing your photos.....and the upcoming surprise!


  1. If the rings are glass, and the mechanism is like the Tappan Deluxe model, then yes. Carefully remove the knobs, the little spring behind the knob, and the glass bezel. Pull out on the top of the manifold cover (porcelain face behind the knobs and bezels). It has a catch spring at the top, and tabs at the bottom). Lift it away, and you should find two C7 (like older Christmas light bulbs) behind it. They should be white. They may just be lose, but may need replacing. If you need to replace them, remove the black metal bar with the two screws at each end just above the knob shaft itself. Change the bulbs out and see if they come on before you reverse the steps.

  2. The light switch mechanism isn't inside the manifold. There is no evidence of it ever being there, but I suppose someone could have take it out long ago. :(


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